07 Dec 2021

How to Help a Loved One With Addiction

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Although they are typically free or very low-cost, mutual support groups can be immensely helpful to many people experiencing substance dependency. These groups can be unique; some offer support for a broad range of substance use recovery, while others focus on therapy and recovery from a specific substance. This is especially the case if you live in a major city with more options and resources. For those recovering from substance dependency, rehab or inpatient care can be a life-changing experience.

how to help a loved one with addiction can't afford rehab

Not only are there waitlists and various obstacles that may stand in your way (such as legal issues and location problems) – but rehabilitation programs also cost money. And to many people, the cost of admission is considered quite expensive. Keep in mind that strong emotions are part of your loved one’s addiction. The process of organizing the intervention and the intervention itself can cause conflict, anger and resentment, even among family and friends who know your loved one needs their help.

Speak with a Caring Family Advisor

If you have a severe addiction, proper supervision can help you maintain sobriety. When you run in circles of drug addicts and alcoholics, there is always someone addicted worse than you. Comparison is a common problem of people struggling with an addiction.

Or, you could find yourself spending tens of thousands of dollars for a drug rehab facility that’s high-end and offers private sessions and luxurious accommodations. As mentioned earlier, outpatient care options are usually far more affordable than Charles Kelley Shares Emotional Track as His Goodbye to Alcohol traditional rehab or inpatient care. Fortunately, outpatient treatment can still be a highly effective way to combat substance use dependency. The quality of your care would not be defined or limited by the financial expense of the treatment.

Tips for Talking to Someone About Rehab

For example, you can teach yourself effective self-help techniques, or read helpful books about addiction. You may be given medication to help you through the withdrawal process. According to the Substance and Mental Health Services Administration, you may be given naltrexone, disulfiram or acamprosate when withdrawing from alcohol. This is not a cure for alcohol use disorder, but is effective in easing the withdrawal process.

how to help a loved one with addiction can't afford rehab

After returning from rehab, your loved one may need to attend meetings regularly as part of an outpatient rehab program or a support group. During this time, your loved one will need to continue focusing on their sobriety and avoiding stressors that may cause them to relapse. It’s important not to mistake this period of essential self-care as selfishness.

Finding Help for Addiction to Drugs and Alcohol

There’s no fast and easy way to help them, especially if they aren’t willing to get substance abuse help. Trying to persuade them or giving them ultimatums about how to get help for drug addiction isn’t likely to be effective. Remember that overcoming addiction requires tremendous willpower and determination. Unfortunately, the cost of rehab is often an insurmountable obstacle for those who need addiction treatment the most. In some cases, a lack of funding can be why an addict who is ready to accept help isn’t able to get the help they need.

Once your loved one agreed to treatment, it may have felt like your hardest work was done. But in truth, your loved one will likely struggle with the decision to stay in treatment and will probably continue to need encouragement from you that they’re doing the right thing. You can help them to stay committed by encouraging them and reminding them of the reasons why they are there. Here are a few things you can do when you’re able to communicate with, visit, and prepare for them to come home after rehab. If your friend says they want help finding treatment, there are several steps you can take to help. Seth brings many years of professional experience working the front lines of addiction in both the government and privatized sectors.

You may find that friends and family members are willing to help with the rehab cost. The NIAA Alcohol Treatment navigator offers useful links to affordable rehab centres that offer evidence-based treatment. Outpatient treatment offers various services such as medication-assisted detox, counselling sessions, a variety of therapies and support. You should also consider joining a support group for people with addicted loved ones.

State-run programs may be more affordable than private programs, although they usually offer fewer amenities. Sometimes it can be hard to tell the difference between supporting versus enabling a friend with an addiction. If this is the case, you may be able to get coverage for both your addiction treatment and your mental health treatment – which could save you money in the end. Before speaking with a loved one about addiction, it’s best to familiarize yourself with language that’s supportive and accurate and information that contributes to healthy conversations. Understanding addiction will not only help you to be empathetic, but allows you to understand the facts so you can be better equipped to handle the conversation.

Treatment Facilities

The cost of rehab can vary from clinic to clinic depending on factors such as the facilities and the treatment plan. If you lack insurance, other resources can help you cover the cost of treatment, such as taking out a loan or getting a scholarship. However, in the event of a job loss, you can check https://trading-market.org/forms-oxford-house/ if you’re eligible for COBRA ((Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act). Most rehab centres will expel a client when they feel that they cannot be trusted to abide by the rules. A client who is not committed to staying on the path to recovery will be asked to leave the treatment facility.

how to help a loved one with addiction can't afford rehab