11 Okt 2022

Bookkeeping From Home Starting a Bookkeeping Business

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So don’t feel rushed into selecting a niche from the start; instead, allow your experiences to guide you towards your specialism at a pace that feels right for you. By being proactive, sparking conversations, and embracing the adventure. And with a few of the strategies we are about to go over, you’ll be finding new clients in no time.

  • Bookkeeping serves as more of a preliminary function through the straightforward recording and organizing of financial information.
  • YouTube videos are scary and hard to make, but they can pay off MASSIVELY!!!
  • Bookkeepers look after the financial data on more of a day-to-day basis and use those financial statements to make reports and spreadsheets.
  • The Sage Business Cloud Accounting is best for managing small businesses.
  • Keeping up with the records in your small business might be a task you are willing and able to tackle yourself.

You can attend industry events, join networking groups, or connect with people on social media. This is a great way to exchange referrals and get your business in front of more people. ClickFunnels is a marketing software for building (usually poorly designed) landing pages. Most ClickFunnels users rely solely on paid advertising and should focus more on creating valuable content for their potential clients. When you publish well-executed content on your website, Google will eventually show your website to potential clients (without paying for advertising)! While this is the slow-and-steady way to build a bookkeeping business, the results will be exponential if you can be consistent and persistent.


Profit First by Michael Michalowicz shows business owners how to handle their cash using the old-fashioned envelope system. In this case, multiple bank accounts take the place of the envelopes. After recording the transactions, an accountant will generally review the bookkeeper’s work, analyze the data, and make adjustments before submitting the accounts.

You have confidence in what you do, but it can be difficult for business owners to transmit that same confidence to your prospective clients. As a result, new bookkeeping leads are slipping through your fingers more often than you’d like, and your bookkeeping business is missing out on new revenue. Some common objections potential clients may have include cost, time commitment, trust, and control. If they are concerned about cost and time commitment, you can emphasize the value of your services and how efficient bookkeeping can save them time. For example, women can consider joining the National Association of Women Business Owners (NAWBO), which has regional chapters. If you have the time, you could serve on the board of one of these organizations to create greater exposure.

Create a Business plan

You’ll only be able to “advertise” yourself with the 50 available characters in your bio next to your name. Users can follow you when they find your answer helpful and your profile trustworthy. So, a detailed “About Me” section must describe your expertise and links to social media accounts. If you already have experience as a bookkeeper, it can make it easier to get a remote job with a company. Bookkeepers who are also certified public accountants (CPAs) can command a higher salary. The average CPA bookkeeper salary is $65,014 per year, but they can make as much as $122,500 per year.

#19. Pilot Bookkeeping

But if you’re starting your bookkeeping business or managing a small team, you’ll probably get the most results from inbound practices backed by PPC advertising. Below are some tips to help you streamline your strategy and set it to full steam to get bookkeeping clients quickly. As a freelance bookkeeper, you don’t need any formal experience or certification to get started. Those credentials come into play when you’re looking for an employee type of role with a firm. But as a freelancer for small businesses, most clients care more about your ability to do the work than your background and certifications. You can also learn how to get bookkeeping clients as a freelancer by building up your social media presence.

The Sage Business Cloud Accounting is best for managing small businesses. Its features include all the features from Accounting Start plus real-time reports, generation of quotes or estimates, recording of purchase invoices, and inventory. The Sage Business Cloud Accounting has a number of features that are good for businesses. First is the Accounting Start, which is best for businesses who want to track and manage their cash flow. It only has three features suitable for entry-level accounting, which is to create a sales invoice, track what you owe, and connect to your bank. The important thing is to identify who your potential clients will be, so you can plan ahead on how you will market and maintain your relationship with them.

Bookkeeping for Your Small Business

According to the Bureau of Labour Statistics, the hourly rate for bookkeepers and auditing clerks is $20.39 per hour. On the other hand, more experienced bookkeepers and those who own their own businesses can earn much more, anywhere from $30 to $60 per hour. One tip for securing clients is to specialize in a certain type of bookkeeping.

Start your own business

Unlike an accountant or CPA (certified public accountant), who must have a bachelor’s degree and a license, bookkeepers are classified as accountants. You can earn more as a service provider or freelancer than the average full-time bookkeeper. The key to commanding a higher rate is providing your clients with the required value. You beginner-trial balance and how it is prepared need to know the basics of bookkeeping and how to do it, but you also need to understand how to use accounting software. You can learn the basics from online tutorials or working with a professional bookkeeper. Bookkeeping is one of the best stay-at-home mom jobs you should consider since it doesn’t require much physical effort.

What Are the Pros vs. Cons of Becoming a Bookkeeper?

Many bookkeepers gain experience on the job while working in accounts receivable, accounts payable, or in an administrative-type role. Even if you have absolutely zero professional bookkeeping experience, you can get started with this in-demand, high-paying, remote-friendly career path. You may wish to get business liability coverage, professional liability (errors and omissions) coverage, valuable papers and records coverage, data breach coverage, etc. Experience is important for so many careers, but for bookkeeping, experience isn’t a make-or-break deal.